Who can wear a kilt?

In short, absolutely everyone! It is a huge compliment to Scottish people when someone who is not Scottish chooses to wear our national outfit.

A global fashion statement

In the colourful tapestry of world cultures and traditions, Scottish kilts stand tall as an iconic symbol of Scotland's rich heritage. Often associated with brave Highland warriors and historic clan connections, the kilt embodies the essence of Scottish pride and identity. However, it is essential to recognize that this traditional garment has transcended its cultural boundaries and become a cherished fashion choice for people of diverse backgrounds worldwide. Today, we celebrate the beauty of inclusivity and how the kilt, once exclusive to Scotland, has evolved into a global fashion statement that honours and compliments Scottish culture and its people.

A celebration of diversity at your nearest kilt store

In a globalized world where cultures intersect and blend harmoniously, the concept of "national dress" is no longer confined to specific regions. People from various ethnicities and nations have embraced the kilt as a symbol of unity and diversity. When someone chooses to wear a kilt or tartan trews (also, tartan trousers) regardless of their ancestry, they pay homage to Scotland's cultural heritage while creating a powerful statement about shared humanity and the beauty of embracing other cultures.

More than tradition, a symbol of shared humanity

The decision to wear a kilt by those outside Scottish ancestry is a testament to the garment's allure and timelessness. Instead of cultural appropriation, it symbolizes admiration and respect for the Scottish culture and its history. This appreciation fosters understanding and opens avenues for cultural exchange, promoting unity among different communities. For Scottish people, it's an acknowledgement of their heritage's global significance and an opportunity to share the beauty of their traditions with the world.

Breaking barriers with kilt hire: Stories of inclusivity and pride

Fashion is not merely about clothing; it is a form of self-expression that allows individuals to feel a sense of belonging. By donning a kilt, people from all walks of life can embrace a shared identity as members of a global community. The kilt becomes a canvas for storytelling, where each wearer weaves their narrative into the fabric of Scottish culture, creating new connections and forming lasting bonds.

Beyond its traditional roots, the kilt has evolved into a modern fashion icon that knows no boundaries. Celebrities, fashion designers, and influencers have all embraced this versatile garment, further blurring the lines of who can wear a kilt. It has graced international runways, red carpets, and casual streetwear, making it a staple in wardrobes worldwide. This evolution honours its Scottish roots while making it accessible and appealing to people from all walks of life.

Diversity woven in tartan kilts

Scotland, like any other nation, celebrates the diversity within its borders. As a symbol of national pride, the kilt embodies the essence of unity despite cultural differences. When people of diverse backgrounds choose to wear a kilt, they add their unique stories to the fabric of Scotland's tapestry. This inclusivity enriches the cultural heritage and strengthens the bond between the Scottish people and the global community.

A universal expression

The kilt's allure knows no borders or genders, and its significance has surpassed the confines of its native land. Kilts for women or kilts for men from around the world pay a heartfelt compliment to the Scottish culture’s people and history and embrace and celebrate its rich beauty. The kilt stands as a beacon of inclusivity, bridging the gaps between different cultures and promoting a world where diversity is cherished and respected. So, whether you're of Scottish descent or not, let the kilt be a symbol of unity and a celebration of shared humanity. Wear it with pride, tell your story, and join the global community that cherishes the richness of culture and heritage. In this world of evolving traditions, the kilt remains a timeless testament to the power of fashion to connect us all.

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What should I wear for a black tie event? A modern Scotsman’s choice

Clothes don’t make a man but they add to his personality! Your invitation to the black tie event is your chance to make an impression. Imagine yourself walking into the venue in your crisp outfit, seeing the whisky flow and being showered by compliments – that’s a successful evening event you have experienced. A black tie event is a formal evening dinner which is usually organised for official purposes. But then to answer your big question, what should I wear?

Outside Scotland, traditionally men wear a midnight blue jacket or a tuxedo suit but when in Scotland, you should choose the Scottish version of the tuxedo suit – a highland jacket with a tartan kilt. Your first choice should be the Prince Charlie traditional jacket with its statement long-tailed bottom and its cropped torso. The traditional way of wearing the jacket is pairing it with a 3-button waistcoat but if it feels uncomfortable, you can opt for a modern jacket with a 5-button waistcoat instead.

In picture: The Prince Charlie jacket with a 3-button waistcoat and the Gordon tartan kilt. The complete outfit as pictured is available to hire for £39.

The Argyll Modern jacket is similar to that of a Prince Charlie style but the jacket has a straight cut at the torso and a set of unique buttons that look flattering at the wrist.

In picture: Our customer, Olivia Mawson’s friends looking stunning in Argyll Modern jackets. The complete outfit as pictured is available to hire starting at £62.

When choosing the Scottish equivalent of the black tie outfit, although your first choice of outfit should be the traditional Prince Charlie jacket or Argyll Modern jacket, you can instead opt for a modern theme and wear tweeds with your choice of incredible tartan for the kilt.

In picture: The Grey Tweed jacket and the Grey Shadow tartan kilt. The whole outfit as pictured is available to hire for £64.

An alternative can be the Grey Tweed jacket to match the formal setting of the night. On the plus side, the tweed jacket is made from 100% wool which makes it a cosy and comfortable wear to help you calm your nerves. Another alternative is the handmade St Andrews jacket paired with a tartan in shades of navy or green.

In picture: The St Andrews jacket and the Black Watch tartan kilt. The complete outfit as pictured is available to hire for £62.

Whether your favourite colour is blue or you have beautiful eyes in shades of blue or green, the navy-coloured St Andrews jacket will fetch you the compliments you would love 😉.

In picture: Our collection of coloured cravats you can hire to pair with your black tie outfit.

Want to pique your interest with a scandalous oomph factor? Add a flamboyant touch to your outfit by adding a coloured bow tie or cravat or tartan tie instead of a regular black bow tie.

You can hire from us a complete outfit which will include your choice of highland jacket, a waistcoat to compliment it, tartan kilt of your choice, bow tie or tie, dress sporran, kilt hose (socks), sock flashes, sgian dhu (replica) and Ghillie brogues (shoes). Call us today to book your appointment in our Glasgow (01413366514) or Edinburgh (01316299654) store where you can get measured for your kilt jacket hire with the help of our stylists. You can also visit our website to place your hire order online and request a delivery to your choice of place!